Sunday, March 4, 2012

Now the Battle Begins

The battle of the bulge that is. My losing streak finally ended with my weigh in on Friday. :( I was disappointed, however I kind of saw it coming. While I wasn't horrible in my eating and I did work out Monday through Saturday this week (woohoo!), I stopped tracking my intake on My Fitness Pal. Needless to say I'll be starting that back up today. Tracking my foods really shows me how many calories I'm taking in and keeps me accountable. It definitely shows as the week I slacked in doing it I gained weight! :( Ah, next week will be better right? Alright here's the damage:

Weigh-In (6th week of Just Lose It/4th week of Work It Off)
Last Week's Weight: 197.4
 This Week's Weight: 200
Total Week's Loss: +2.6 :( are you guys doing? What exercises are you doing? How do you keep yourself accountable? Leave some comments and let me know! 


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