Friday, February 10, 2012

Weighing In

This week was not what I was expecting and it is just going to motivate me more! So last week I did not work out at all, not sure why. Laziness I guess, I have been really tired lately. I was ready to kick it back up on Monday and I did my workout before heading to work. To the right is what I did and I found it on Pinterest none the less! This left me sore for a few days. I have different ones for Sunday-Saturday and my plan was to do them all. However, work thwarted my plans as I was at work on Monday from 9am-2am and then had to return at 9am on Tuesday! I was exhausted and exercise was not in my plans at all. So now it's Friday and I haven't worked out since Monday morning. BOO! You know what? It effected my weigh-in yesterday too. Here's the latest:

Starting Weight: 215 (Prior to challenges but when I started blogging about my weight loss efforts)

Weigh-In (3rd week of Just Lose It/1st week of Work It Off)
Last Week's Weight: 203.4
This Week's Weight: 203
Total Week's Loss: -0.4 lbs!

Yes, it's a loss, but it's small. I'll take it, but I could have done way better if I would have worked out every day and drank water!! On to the next week! How are you guys doing?


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