Monday, February 13, 2012

  Just about every Sunday night I teach the Cubbies in our church's AWANA program. The Cubbies are 4-5 years of age and they can be difficult at times. However, a lot of the time they do behave, listen, and seem to be learning about God's Word, which is the highlight of being an AWANA teacher. Each night in Cubbies we have a little puppet story that builds the base for our Story time. Each puppet story is a lesson learned. We touch topics like sharing, loving, keeping promises, etc. Then our Story time is based off the Bible and it is a bigger picture about the topic we touched in puppet time. After story time we do our Book Time. Book time involves each cubbie member saying the verse that goes with our story time. The Cubbies work on this verse with their parents throughout the week. Since the kids are new to memorizing and are 4 and 5 year olds, it is just part of the verse. Our verse this week was 1 John 3:11-"...we should love one another." I love it when the verse comes up during story time and all the kids repeat it. Whether they are listening to the story or not, they know the verse and their ears perk up when they hear it. LOVE it! Of course Cubbies would not be complete with out activity time (usually coloring) and SNACK TIME! Who doesn't love snack time?
  So keeping with the theme of Valentine's and loving one another I made these for my cubbies. Granted, one of the boys wouldn't eat them because they were bad! ;)

Red Food Coloring makes these mallows so pretty!
Ooey Gooey!
 Ta-dah! Beautiful huh?


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