Monday, February 6, 2012

Last Week's Weight In!

This is the 3rd week of the Just Lose It Competition through my work and the first week of Work It Off Competition at my work. My weigh in days are going to be Thursday. Odd day huh? Well, I'm doing it this day because Thursday is the last day of the week you can weigh in on the Just Lose It program so that you're measurement percantage gets into the newspaper. I wanted to do it toward the end of the week so that during the last weeks of the challenges I have my actual ending weight. Each of these challenges are 12 weeks programs with some fab prizes (like wii, ipod, etc) that I'm determined to win this time! Well, okay my main focus is to lose this fat and tone up! So being I haven't done my weekly weigh ins with you guys here was my results from the last 2 weeks.

Starting Weight: 215 (Prior to challenges but when I started blogging about my weight loss efforts)

Weigh-In (First week of Just Lose It) January 26th, 2012
Starting Weight: 205

Weigh-In (Second week of Just Lose It) February 2nd, 2012
Starting Weight: 205
Current Weight: 203
Total Lost: -2 lbs!

That means since the new year I've lost a Grand Total of 12 pounds!!

Yay me! I can't notice much difference yet, other than I feel a lot better and some of my clothes are slightly fitting more comfortable. How are you doing? Share your weight loss accomplishments in the comments below!!


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