Sunday, January 29, 2012

FREE QT products!

What gas station to you tend to gravitate to? Me? I like Quik Trip. Why? Well, besides the fact that it is a couple exits from my work...
  • Quik Trips seem to be very clean (usually)
  • Lots of people are there. So if I'm getting off work at 11pm, I'm not concerned about stopping to fill my gas. Security seems to be more readily available at QT.
  • Lots and lots of options! From fountain sodas, to cappuccinos and coffees, to snacks! They've got it all.
  • They are always coming out with new things for hot or fresh food items and so many of them are soooo good!
  • Relatively cheap. They always have deals on something.
  • Once a month free product!
  Say What??? Yes, once a month free product. You read that correctly. Sign up at QT Connect and they will e-mail you a monthly survey. These surveys consist a lot about products that they want to sell, but they want to know if you are going to buy it. Super easy, normally around 5-10 questions. Then they give you a period of time that you can print off the coupon for whatever the free product is that month.
  This month I received a coupon for a Free Parfait (yogurt with Strawberries and granola or strawberry yogurt with bananas and granola!) I will definitely be using this as it is a healthy option! My last coupon was a Free hot dog and 32 oz fountain soda! I haven't used this as it's not really a healthy option. I will probably give this to a friend or family member. Anyone I know go to QT that wants a free hot dog and soda? Just comment and let me know!

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