Saturday, January 7, 2012

My 2012 Skin Care Regimen

  Why am I sharing this? I think skin care is important. I didn't think about it much before. I knew there were skin issues, diseases, cancers but never really thought about it before. I've had good skin, so why mess with it? I see a lot of different people in my line of job. Nursing is an eye opener.  I've noticed the skin of various people. I can tell who have performed skin care and those who haven't. I want to be one of the people who do and who's skin is glowing. I also want to be proactive in protecting my skin from skin damage, even if it is a 5 minute errand and back to the house.  However, my dad and grandpa have both had skin cancer and I want to prevent it as much as I can. Skin cancer can be malignant and can and has taken lives. It's time to be proactive!
  So want to know what I'm using? The bulk of my regimen comes from AVON's ANEW line. I'm 24 and the ANEW line actually starts at 30+, but that is the line I use as that is the category I fit into. The Rejuvenate (30+) line addresses early signs of aging. It smoothes fine lines, brightens dull skin and refines pores; reduces slight undereye puffiness as well.
  In the morning I start by washing my face with Revitalizing 2-in-1 Gel cleanser. I then rinse my face and pat dry. Next, I apply Promiseh (my rosacea medication). After the medication I smear on the ANEW Day Revitalizing Cream with SPF 25 (yay for SPF!!). Now that my skin is washed and moisturized we can move onto makeup! My next step is to apply Avon's Magix face perfector. This can be worn alone or under makeup. It has 20 SPF, so now I'm getting even more coverage! Then I continue with Avon's Ideal Shade Pressed Powder for foundation. Then you can continue with whatever eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick you prefer. I've been using the Smooth Minerals eyeshadow and I love it!
 So what you'll need for morning routine:
1. Cleanser (I can help you find what time you need if you'd like to try the ANEW regimen)
2. Any facial medication
3. Moisturizer (preferrably one that has at least 20 SPF)
4. Face perfector or primer (you can skip this, but it adds SPF and helps smooth out your skin!)
5. Foundation (don't know what type to use...liquid?pressed?powder? I can help you determine that too!)
6. Rest of Makeup (eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, etc)

Ok, so we got the morning down. So are you going to sleep with that all on? A friend of mine told me that sleeping with your makeup on ages your skin 7 days! That adds up quick! So do a quick little night routine. Help your face breathe at night! I start with Avon's Moisture Effective Hydra Efficace eye makeup remover lotion (long name can get it for $0.99 right now!) to remove my eye makeup. Rub with cotton ball. Next I'm going back to my cleanser that I used in the am, the Revitalizing 2-in-1 Gel cleanser. Lastly, I apply a night moisturizer. Now, I could use the Anew Night Revitalizing Cream (from the same line as my cleanser and day cream), but I choose to use the ANEW Genics instead. Anew Genics is Avon's newest moisturizer and it can take the place of any night moisturizer. This helps stimulate youth gene activity. Plus it feels so good on my skin!
  What you'll need for night routine:
1. Eye makeup remover
2. Cleanser
3. Night Moisturizer

Now you are on your way to clear, smooth, firm, and protected skin! What do you do for your skin regimen?

~Hope you enjoyed todays post!

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