Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year, New Me. Resolutions!

Wow. I cannot believe 2011 came and went! I cannot believe I didn't accomplish more...and I hardly blogged! Well...that is what a new year is for right? A new start? I'm ready! 2012 is going to be my year and I am so excited! I do not have a New Year's Resolution. I have MANY resolutions!!
1. Walk Closer to God. I want to be doing personal devotions every day and hopefully we will be doing family devotions as well or at least praying together more often! I mean, I wouldn't be here without God and I sure wouldn't be going to Heaven if He didn't send His Son to die on the cross for my sinfulness. I've got to get as far away from the devil's grasp on me as I can and fling myself into God's arms. Your prayers in this area are greatly welcomed and appreciated! 
2. Lose Weight...It is time to get serious and lose these pounds. This is going to include healthy eating and exercising! Starting Sunday I will be eating healthy and working out on a daily basis.
3.  Daily Skin Care...I've gotten rid of my old makeup and replenished with AVON. I also have a whole skin regimen through AVON. Watch for this post tomorrow and see what I'm doing!
4. Blog on a weekly basis. I want to blog. I enjoy it. However, I also want to have people who follow me and find my blog interesting. Currently I get most my comments from my sister...which is fine, but I want to go BIGGER! My plan is to blog about my weight loss, what I'm eating, what exercising I've been doing, what I've learned in devotions, church, etc, and tell you some about my side business with AVON. Oh, and of course my work...

So won't you follow me this year?  Encourage me with comments? Let me know someone is reading? I hope so...I look forward to 2012 and what God has in store for me!


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