Saturday, January 14, 2012

Weight Loss Week 1

  Today is Saturday, last day of the week! Monday was the first "Improvement" day. No, we are not saying we are on a diet. Instead, we are watching what we eat and exercising in order to improve our lives. :) Doesn't that sound a lot better? I think so.

  This week has been good to me too. Monday I weighed 215. Today 209! I am very serious about improving my lifestyle. Which is why I'm going to post on here something I would have never done before nor do I really want to now. My "Before" pictures. No, I'm not wearing a bikini, but I think you can get the jest of where I'm at here. . Front. Blah.
 Side. Blah.

 Back. Blah *shudders*

 Ok, now that the worse is over...I ask for your encouragement and your input along the way. I will post pictures monthly. So next set will be 2/1/12. What are you doing to improve your life? Are you blogging about your weight loss? I'd love to read about it....leave your blog below!

  This week I've been doing pretty good on my resolutions posted here, especially my skin care regimen. I only missed my face medication and cleanser one day and it was because I forgot to pack it back in my gym back. Then last night I got off late from work and after washing my wash didn't apply my Anew Genics for some reason...Oh well. Back on track this morning! The best thing is my nutrition and workouts. I worked out every day, sometimes twice a day AND ate well! I've been logging my information into my iphone, with the app My Fitness Pal. If you would like to be my friend just look for RNloser! It's a great app. Look for a detailed post on this app next week! The one thing I've been bad about is setting time aside to read my Bible. It's really sad because I have the Bible on my iphone, so I can be reading it while I'm on the bike at the gym! Duh! I'm going to do better with this next week.

Ok that's all for now! Look for some recipes with pics tomorrow and some other posts this week!

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