Friday, June 3, 2011

Featured Friday!

  For today's (and the blogs first!) Featured Friday, I am introducing you to Natasha from JustAMama! This is a personal friend of mine and she is VeRy talented! She could probably make just about anything you wanted her to make. Plus on top of it, she's a great wife, mommy, and friend! She has many, many talents.
  I'm going to show you a few of the items she sells in her etsy shop, JustAMama, but please go check out her shop for yourself when you are done reading this! Show her some etsy love while you are there!

  Natasha has a Natasha makes cool kid items, like these car caddies:
I think these car caddies were one of the first items Natasha made to sell on her etsy shop. These babies are hot sellers! Wouldn't it be nice to take your kids cars with him, not lose them, and be able to just unfold and start playing! These are a must have, especially if you have little boys!
Oh and if your kid is not into car caddies, what about this Zhu Zhu roll up tote?! So cute!
   I won a phone holder for my iphone from another site and I LOVE having a seperate place for my phone. These Keepers that Natasha makes are so pretty and functional, you will love these! Look at the detail she puts on these?!
And of course you can use it for other things, than your your keys or favorite lipgloss!

 I have a baby girl and she has some hair. Beautiful hair is fine my itself, but let me tell is even more beautiful with hair accessories! Natasha hits to mark with her go to headbands. These things are gorgeous! This would be great for baby or family photo sessions. She makes different sizes, so even moms can wear them! I took my lil bean over to model some of the head bands. Why don't you find your favorite and snatch it up before it's gone! Though I'm sure Natasha would make you another one! ;)

Oh and her newest etsy item? These fabulous personalized wonders! Too cute!
  Loved what you saw? Go to JustAMama and get your very own! You'll love your products and all of these items make great gifts! Thanks for joining me for the first ever Featured Friday! Come back next Friday for another one!

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