Thursday, April 22, 2010

Crazy Long Day!

Whew...what a busy day! Since I worked Tuesday night I of course slept all day Wednesday. Woke up around 5pm and took a bath and then shower. Fixed dinner and watched t.v. with the hubs until I fell asleep again around 8pm. At 8:30 the hubs asked if I was ready for bed. Still being exhausted I agreed. However, when I got up from the couch I was more awake and ended up watching the rest of Ghost Hunters and Destination Truth until 10pm. I then slept peacefully...until I woke up at 2am! 
  I tried to go back to sleep, but I failed. So I did the best thing to do at 2am-- surf the web. I did general stuff like e-mail, facebook checks, etc. and then researched a bunch of suvs until 7am. Did small stuff around the house and then decided it was time to get out. Off to Walmart in FVH at 9am where I bought my starter kit for my garden and got my niece's b-day gift! I'll post pictures of it later...but I don't want to ruin the surprise. I go out with my parents the 3rd week of May to see her and celebrate with her on her b-day! I'm also going to pick up the crib my grandpa made along with some other baby items my sister has. Then it was off to Sam's Club to get groceries.
  I got home around 11:30am and had just enough time to bake some bacon and make a deli sandwich complete with ham, turkey, bacon, avocado, tomatoes, and muenster cheese. I made 2 and packed some pretzels in a bag and then some cheese and crackers. I drove out to where the hubs was working for the day and we ate lunch together in my car. Nice to have him back at work and to be close. I hope he'll still be able to go to all of my OBGYN appointments. :( We both enjoy going together.
   When the hubs went back to work I stopped at Walgreens to pick up my prescription (which I had dropped off for refill before going to FVH.  Then to Wal-mart in Cville to get rest of mother in law's birthday gift and a bike cover. I stopped at Home Depot (right next to Wal-mart) for a large flower/shrub to go in my flower bed right by where we walk up our porch steps. I thought the spot was wasn't. So now I need to get another plant tomorrow. I hope they still have one left. They only had 2 left that I saw when I picked up mine. It is a large double crimson Azaela. Soooo pretty. I'll post pictures when they are both planted. I then headed to Sonic to reward myself with a 1/2 price Lemon Berry Slush -my fav!
  I get home around 2:45pm planning to start digging my hole to get my flower planted. Then I was going to start on my seed starter pack. My plans changed quickly. Before I even got my car door open my phone was ringing. It was my manager.  I forgot to had in my ppd paperwork. Searched for it in my purse, car, and house with no result. Have to have it turned in by Saturday so I can continued working. I thought about it and the only way was to get it done today because I work Saturday, Sunday, Monday and didn't want to be suspended from work. So...I left my house at 3:10 to make the 40ish minute drive to my work. I drove fast. I arrived 15 minutes before they closed, received my second shot, neatly folded the paper and placed in my purse, and drove back home. I drove a little slower this time.
  I returned home at 4:30pm and dug hole for my plant. The hubs arrived home from work and started fussing that I was digging and then proceeded to dig the second hole for plant that I'll be getting tomorrow. I went inside and planted tomato seeds for my upside down planter.
  My mother in law drove up shortly before 6pm to take us to dinner. We ate at Chile's and I had their famous Loaded Potato Soup (my favorite!). We then proceeded to Kohl's, Sears, and JCPenney to shop the maternity sections. Even though I'm not showing at this time, the mil wanted to buy me some clothes. She said I could start wearing them so I look like I'm pregnant! I laughed inside.  Not sure I want to look pregnant yet...and even though I am not big on shopping for clothes with others, I appreciated her wanting to take part and get some clothes for me.

We arrived home at 9pm. I realized I left my seeds for the starter kit outside and it had rained. :( So, I started working on the kit. I watered it, fluffed the soil, pulled back the netting, sowed the seeds, and recovered with soil. I then labeled the dome and placed on top of the base. It is now ready to start sprouting...but that will be a few weeks.
  It is now 11pm and I am going to post this and then finish mapping out my yard sale plan for the day! Got some neighborhood sales to go to! Then it's off to bed for me!  Goodnight everyone!

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