Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Beginnings!

  Welcome to Sweet Beans of Life! This is a new blog from a spotty blogger. Some of you use to follow me on Piece of My Life at well no more. I was tired of saying I was going to blog more and then 2 months more writing another blog. It is true that I may have not had the most to blog about, but with the news of a baby on the way...I think I'll be able to do that more now. :)    
  So in dedication of this new blog and these new beginnings, I am deleting my failures. I have deleted my old blog (which I consider a fail). It will no longer be available to read.
  For those of you who followed me over here, thank you! I appreciate you reading my blog! For those of you new to me...welcome and I hope you'll enjoy my posts!

  To new beginnings!

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