Monday, March 22, 2010

13 weeks!

  This week is our 13th week of pregnacy! We are both very excited and waiting for September/October. Now that everyone knows...I thought I'd start posting about our pregnacy. So enjoy!
  We found out officially that we were expecting on February 3rd. Isn't it amazing that just a simple pee test can give you so much joy?? Immediately the next day I looked up OBGYNs in my area and called my hospital's Dr. hotline. Got an appt. with an awesome doctor who we like very much. Our first meeting with her was February 23rd. We got to see the first pictures of our lil bean. We even got to see the heart beating!
  February 25th-March 1st I was in Cancun, Mexico with a friend. Glad to get away from work...but was excited to be back home with the hubs. We told our parents and my sister when we went out to eat March 6th. We went to Logan's Roadhouse and I took off my jacket. My mom was the first to noticed that my shirt said "Mommy to Be" on it. She was like "Really?" I just smiled and we hugged. Then my mother-in-law figured it out and literally started screaming and bouncing up and down in her seat. A tad bit embarassing...but you'd have to know her. The whole restaurant knew she was going to be a grandma and people from seats over came and congratulated her!
  Our plan was to wear the shirt the next day at church and see how many people noticed...however I never got the chance to see who noticed because my mother-in-law couldn't hold her excitement in and started showing me off to...everyone. I was okay with it until my best friend came in and I wasn't the one who got to tell her. I was a little upset...but I had to remind myself that it didn't really matter. So now pretty much everyone knows! :) A big relief for the hubs.
  March 16th we went back to the OB and she did a quick test and we heard our bean's lil heartbeat! It was so beautiful and amazing! What an awesome God we serve! I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful, loving husband and now we get a lil bean! I'm in awe! I'm feeling pretty good these past weeks. I did have an awful headache for 2 days last week, but it past and haven't had any since. I've had this cold/cough thing for over a week and I think my cough is finally fading. So far...things are good and we are very healthy and happy.
  Please continue to pray for us in our journey through our first pregnacy and I'll be keeping everyone updated! Here's our first pictures:

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