Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Easter Goodies!

 Everyone knows kids love Easter for the Easter bunny...but even more so for the candy! I love easter candy! I can't wait til next year when we get to put together an Easter Basket for the lil bean! The hubs and I have been very excited for this. We've browsed through the Easter Candy aisle at Walgreens a couple times this month and I've got to say...I'm not that impressed. Maybe it is because I had an orange cream cadbury egg (I love cadbury eggs!) and it was just too much for me this year. It could be that I'm pregnant and I'm not really craving chocolate as much.
  My favorite Easter candies??? Jellybeans! I love trying different types of jellybeans. I love the Starburst ones, of course Jelly Bellies, and definitely the black licorice ones!
I'm also loving the new Mini Blow Pop candies. They are the same as the suckers only smaller and without the stick! I hate lollipop sticks...especially the paper ones that get all soggy and start peeling in your mouth. However, this year the Easter Ring Pops take the cake! So far I've seen watermelon, blue raspberry, and as we speak...I'm eating a grape one! They are pastel and so cute in their lil chick shapes! Aren't they adorable?? (When did our food become adorable and cute???? haha!)
What's your favorite Easter candies? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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  1. Gotta love the Cadbury eggs! I found the caramel ones at a store called Maxway for $2 for a one pound bag. That equals 14 eggs!! I love Maxway. I also love those peanut butter eggs Mom used to get us. I'm looking forward to making a basket for Little Bit this year. She didn't get one last year.