Saturday, January 21, 2012

I'm a Loser!

2 Weeks down! Food and exercise is in full swing and I'm starting to get my energy back! Here's today's update:

Starting Weight: 215
Current Weight: 207
Total Lost: -8 lbs!

Meals have been alright. However, I told the hubs that our improved eating was not going to last if I did not start doing meal plans. So that is my goal for today and tomorrow. Get this weeks meal plans down and then go shopping again. I've already ordered our coop bag so I have lots of fruits and veggies coming our way that I'll pick up Monday. Check your area to see if you have one in your area! you can't beat fresh produce at these prices! Visit Community Helpings Coop to find your location!

Exercise is very basic. I've workout before and have the capacity to do more, but I'm going slow and steady at first. I downloaded a free app on my phone called 6 Week Beginner's Workout. I've been following this pretty well. I didn't do Sunday's workout just because I think of that as a rest day, but I may just do something with the exercise ball on those days. I'm switching yesterday's and today's exercises around as yesterday was suppose to be a strength training day. However, we did a lot of dancing with our church group last night for a Just Dance get together. So I did cardio yesterday and will do the strength stuff today. I'm also getting Zumba for the wii tonight from a fellow craigslister and am SO excited! I just need to go unpack my wii from my mother-in-law's!

I also just attended the kick-off  this morning for the program Just Lose It that is offered in my community.  Actually the hospital I work out is one of the sponsors! This is my third round in it. The first round I lost just under 30 lbs and that was right after I had our lil bean. However, I gained some of that back so the second round I pretty much ended up the same as when I started. This time...I'm losing it! It is a 12 week program that has a great support system! I can log onto the forum and talk to everyone participating and we encourage each other! There are also weekly challenges that we receive tickets for participating in. At the end we use those tickets to enter for some awesome prizes! For each 10 pounds lost we receive a dog tag and a ticket! I'm very excited to see what the next 12 weeks brings!

How are you doing in improving your lifestyle? What healthy meals are you fixing and what exercises are you doing?


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