Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I want to make a T.V. Stand!

  So my lil bean is now 9 months old and crawling around EVERYWHERE! This house definitely needs to go baby proof. We have a 60" t.v. upstairs. Yup...the hubs wanted a 60" t.v. Well the stand we originally had was not going to cut it. Our friends offered us theirs and it  has worked perfectly. Until now. Our current stand is completely open, which means t.v equipment and wires are EVERYWHERE! And wouldn't you know...that's one of the lil beans favorite spot to go?!? Of course it is. So I told the hubs last weekend, we need a new T.V. stand that is all closed off and has cabinets. We looked at a few, but our cable receiver is huge. Why does it have to be so big?
  So tonight I was stumbling the internet, using Stumbleupon, and landed at Ana White's blog. She posts amazing tutorials on making your own furniture. What do you know? I came across one for an Apothecary Media Console. I love this one:

Dear Hubs,
  I would really love it if we could make this for our T.V. stand. Everything would be so well organized on this stand. I think this would be a great bonding experience for us and bring us closer together. :) Will you help me build this stand?

 The Wife

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