Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Avon Calling!

  I use to sell Pampered Chef. I really liked it. I liked putting in orders for people and hearing them rave about the products. I also loved doing the home parties with the food demonstrations. I use to sell Pampered Chef...right after I got married...while working full time...while going to school full time. I was CrAzY!! I did it for a year when I had to give it up. I just did NOT have the time. Plus it was extremely stressful. You try cooking something and trying to sell product in a reasonable time! HA! I still enjoy using their products though!
  A couple years later I tried selling GemStyle....that did NOT last long and I hated it. Several pieces of jewelry broke and it was a total WASTE of my money. :( Not happy at all.
  Well...I started getting the itch a while back for being an independent representative again. Then it hit me. AVON. I love Avon products. Selling Avon cost $10 to sign up. Avon products are super reasonably priced. Avon can be ordered directly through me or through my own website. Yes, that means people in Alaska can order from me, even though I'm in Illinois. Avon orders go in every 2 weeks. It is like Christmas every 2 weeks! I've been selling for about 2 months now and I am enjoying it even more than when I sold Pampered Chef. I'm happy. It's not stressful at all. My customers rave about the products and how much they love that color of lipstick or the smell of that perfume. I even had a coworker switch to her new strappy high wedge sandals and waltz around the recovery room. LOL! It has been one of my highlights giving products to my customers every 2 weeks.
  Need Avon? You can find my website at


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