Monday, August 16, 2010

Nursery Stage 2 into Stage 3

 Yay! After 2 miserable, failed attempts at hanging the wallpaper by ourselves, my hubby and I invited my mom and dad over yesterday to help. I got a pre-pasted wall border, which the guy at home depot informed me is very misleading as you still need paste for pre-pasted wall border! It even says it on the bottle-"Paste for pre-pasted wallpaper"! Hilarious, NOT!
  Anyways, I got the paste and headed home. Once everyone was there we got to work. We decided not to do the whole soaking in water thing and go straight with the paste. So we took our dining table bench and laid some wax paper out and then placed the border over it. We applied the paste to the back of our first roll which was 30 feet and booked it as we went. Booking is the process of putting the pasted sides together so that the glue becomes sticker when you go to hang it. My dad and the hubs then started the process of hanging. It didn't start too well and my hopes fell, I really thought the border wasn't going to work. With a big wet sponge rubbed over the front, it started to stick! YAY! They got the one wall done and then had to get creative to make the rest of it go more smoothly. We had the sponge, a water bottle, and the paste going all at one time lol. I finally spoke up and said, "What if you applied the paste to the wall as well?" Little did I know, this was a great idea and what helped the system go more smoothly! Now it's all up and you can't tell where the seam from the first roll and the second roll meet! It looks great and more importantly it is staying up! :) I am one happy momma to be!
  Here's a look~

 Here's the intruder in the previous picture. These were the balloons my sister, J bought for the shower. Isn't he adorable?! Bruno, did not like him though. He would bark and growl and him every time he saw the monkey!

  I wanted to hang the shelves and all of the decals too, but the hubs was tired after the wall border. So I graciously let him rest. We will do that tonight when I get off work! I did start part of Stage 3 though. I  put up the decal I've had for months from Tatouage Designs. It looks better that I could have imagined. I placed it right over where the crib will be. Isn't it cute?

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  1. AWWWW!!! I LOVE it! Why does it not suprise me that Bruno barked at the monkey!? :P