Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nursery Stage 1

  It's done! The nursery is officially painted! This is only Stage 1, but it's a big stage. Here are the stages left to go through:
  Stage 2: Putting up the wall paper, which will hopefully arrive this week. I ordered it off ebay and I am just praying it will match everything close enough. It's actually a totally different wall paper then the 3 I posted about last week. I think it is still simple, but more suitable. Time will only tell.
 Stage 3: Installing the 3 corner shelves I bought at a yardsale for $3! I love them and bought them specifically for the nursery. Hanging the canvas prints on the wall. Finish placing the wall decals and place the stars on the ceiling.
 Stage 4: Placing all furniture in the proper place. Currently the only pieces I have now are the dresser, a self standing shelf unit, and my rocker. This will be able to be complete after the baby shower (this Saturday! I'm very excited!) and when my dad completes the crib. Our crib was made by our grandpa a long time ago and has been passed around. We went out to my sister's place in May and picked it up from her and A (my niece) upgraded to a toddler bed. I was surprised to find out that my dad is refinishing the crib and making it look sweet for the nursery! Thanks dad! (even though, I'm pretty sure you don't read my blog.)
 Stage 5: Setting up shop! lol jj Making the crib up with the bedding set, organizing the changing table (my mom is embroidering my basket liners so I'll have all my baskets set up for things like bibs, binkies, etc.) I found these 6 baskets at a yard sale for $3 as well! Then to organize all the other items and all the MANY clothes I have.
 That should complete the nursery entirely then! We'll be all ready for baby G then. :) Can't wait to see you G! For now, here's a peek at our nursery. I've also included a peek at what some of our wall decals look like. These are the only ones we have put up so far. The rest will have to wait for Stage 3! --> Enjoy!

It's starting to look like a nursery now! YAY!!

  Oh, and those are the new Roman Shades I bought and we put up throughout the house. Our 3 front windows are dark brown and insulated to help cool and cut costs. The 2 kitchen ones are also dark brown, but not insulated since the sun doesn't really hit that side. Then the 2 windows in the nursery and our 1 bedroom window have that beige color you see above and they are all insulated as well. Got to love Old Time Pottery!


  1. It's going to be wierd seeing a blue glow coming out of that room in stead of a bright orange glow! :) It looks good so far though!

  2. Cute! Crazy House sent me. :) I have a new blog too. Here's the link.

    I'm just now finishing my 5 mos old DD's room. I was in the hospital from 21 weeks till she was born. :)