Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Supper

  The hubs and I are trying to eat healthier by eating at home more often...much more often! When we both worked it was hard because we were always both exhausted. Even though I work three 12 hour night shifts, it messes with your body and exhausts you more than just a day. Since the hubs has been job completed we told ourselves we needed to stop eating out, which was pretty much every day...and start fixing stuff from our freezer/scratch. This week has been great! We only ate out last night as we were out late getting some groceries and other things. The hubs was starving and couldn't wait and the bean agreed with him. So last night's dinner plans became today's lunch!
  Hubs and I drove separately since it is nice outside. He wanted to ride his motorcycle to church. It's a pretty sweet bike!  

  I left after church and picked up some cilantro and Dos Equis for the hubs to drink. So...I love to cook and bake, neither of which I have done regularly lately. I think this past week will be my inspiration, plus the hubs makes dinner too, which helps out...especially nights that I have to work. It is AWESOME (I love you for doing this babe!) to wake up after my 4 hour (or 9 hour if I worked the night before) and have dinner ready. Then all I have to do is eat, dress, and leave! This is what I made today:
  I found another great food blog over at Our Best Bites. You have to browse through her recipes and definitely, definitely make the recipes I'm about to share with you! Our main course were these delicious Baked Creamy Chicken Taquitos.

 I love anything with chicken and cilantro in it and this has both. Her recipe calls for small corn tortillas, however Sams Club only had medium flour tortillas, so that's what I used. It was perfect.  The hubs even helped prepare it by shredding the chicken for me!
The mix ending up making 15 taquitos, so we have some leftovers for lunch. I also made this amazing dip for the taquitos - Creamy Lime Cilantro Dressing.   I was a little unsure of it when tasting it by itself, but with the taquitos it was a perfect match. I think this would be great on an avocado and tomato salad. Yum! 

  For our side dish I made some Mahatma Saffron Yellow Rice ($0.69 at Wal-mart). If I hadn't burnt it on the bottom of the pan, then it would have been the perfect amount for the 2 of us...but I did.
Our Best Bites  also had this interesting drink recipe - Brazilian Lemonade. Now don't ask me why it's called lemonade, because it is made with limes. I don't know...all I do know is that you HAVE to make this! It is so easy. 4 ingredients mixed together and you have a great refreshing summer drink!  Here's the finished product-

  Doesn't that look good??? it looks like milk in the picture, but it tastes sooo much better! This is our complete meal:
After dinner I made these Molten Lava Cakes (recipe from my Pampered Chef book). Aren't they cute? Perfect treat and they are small, so I am not over indulging if I eat just one!

Bon Appetite!
(By the way...the bean LOVED this dinner! I'm just guessing lol...)

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