Monday, April 12, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

*lunch: chicken n' cheese quesadillas + 3 leftover taquitos, salad, yellow rice
*dinner: fish, salad, oven fries (potato wedges)
 [reference: Tasty Potato Dishes: recipe #4; Great American Recipes]

*lunch: Hubs is on his own...I'll be sleeping. I'm guessing he'll eat a big salad
*dinner: Stir-fry chicken with chinese egg noodles
[reference: Quick and Easy Chicken Dishes: recipe #11; Great American Recipes]

*lunch: hubs will be eating leftover stir-fry...I'll be sleeping
*dinner: taco salad

*lunch: Chicken Salad My Way (from
*dinner: Spicy Shepherd's Pie [reference: Oven-Baked Meat Dishes: recipe #17; Great American Recipes]

*lunch: leftovers of either Chicken Salad or Spicy Shepherd's Pie
*dinner: Spinach Stuffed Shells [reference: Oven-Baked Pasta & Rice Dishes: #9; Great American Recipes]

*lunch: hubs eating leftovers of the week...I'll be sleeping
*dinner: Finish up leftovers from the week

*lunch: Spicy Sweet Chicken Wraps with Bacon & Guacamole (from
*dinner: either out to eat with church family or leftovers at home!

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