Monday, April 19, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

  So last week's menu didn't go according to plan...but neither does life so. Wednesday night Taco salad did not happen as we had leftovers before church service from a funeral held Tuesday. Mrs. Smithson was a member of our church family for a long time and had been in a nursing home for a while. She passed away and the funeral was held Tuesday. Unfortunately because I worked both Monday and Tuesday night...I was unable to make the funeral. However, she loved her Heavenly Father and is in a much better place than here on earth.
  Thursday's dinner did not happen as my aunt and uncle were in town and we went down to Grandparents house to spend time with them. Dinner provided by family. Friday's spinach stuffed shells not made. My sister and I went to about 30 yardsales and by the time I got home I was exhausted! I also had to be at work at 7pm so I crashed. Husband and friend (finally framing the basement!) ordered Dominos.  I took leftovers with me to work. Saturday's menu did not work out as well. The hubs decided to eat out since he was out. (I let him know my displeasure...since he's suppose to be on a diet! I wasn't really that mean to him though...just reminded him that Wendy's is not the place to be stopping if he's going to eat out!) For dinner I ended up fixing some seasoned chicken breasts that hubs had pulled out the day or 2 before and fixed up baked potatoes and salad to go with it. Sunday's meal...didn't happen either. The hubs wanted to fellowship with the church family for both lunch and that's what we did. We both decided that from now on it needs to be one or the other, but not both.
  So we'll see how this week goes!

Monday (work for me 7p-7a)

*lunch: leftovers
*dinner: Spinach Stuffed Shells & salad 
[reference: Oven-Baked Pasta & Rice Dishes: #9; Great American Recipes]

Tuesday (work for me 7p-7a)
*lunch: hubs on his own for his lunch tomorrow...the recipe for the chicken wraps I was going to make for his lunch (for work) got lost in cyberspace!
*dinner: Hamburgers, green beans, and Quick and Easy Oven Fries (a friend commented on this last week and wants the recipe...I'll be posting this recipe tomorrow along with pics of the meal!)

*lunch:  Spinach Mandarin Poppy Seed Salad (from & chicken breast
*dinner: Tilapia, white rice, and cooked carrots

*lunch: Sandwich, cheese & crackers, + fruit
*dinner: Spicy Shepherd's Pie [reference: Oven-Baked Meat Dishes: recipe #17; Great American Recipes]

*lunch: leftovers
*dinner: Brats, baked beans, steamed broccoli

Saturday (work for me 7p-7a)
*lunch: BBQ pizza (Marlboro: Cook Like a Man cookbook p.31)
*dinner: Slow-Cooker-Chicken-Dinner

Sunday (work for me 7p-7a)
*lunch: leftovers for the hubs; I'll be sleeping
*dinner: hubs- out to eat or leftovers; me- leftovers

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