Friday, August 12, 2011

Makeup Organizer Tutorial

I finally finished something on my "craft to-do" list! I'm in love with it too! I have a new way to organize my makeup and it is soooooo much more convienent than searching through a box ( previous organization!). Below I have included a Supply List as well as my tutorial on how to make your own makeup organizer!

Supply List
-picture frame (adjust the size to the need of your makeup stash; you will not be using the glass)
-sheet metal
-fabric of your choice
-strong round magnets (i bought mine from amazon)
-hot glue gun
-hot glue sticks

1. Disassemble your picture frames. Keep everything except the glass.
2. Cut your sheet metal to fit inside the frame. Make sure you measure twice! I always have my husband cut this for me because it is hard to do. He uses pressure of kneeling on the sheet metal and a box knife, but that's kind of dangerous lol. If your local hardware store will cut it for you, I'd go that way. Ours couldn't, so we did it ourselves.
3. Once your sheet metal is cut to size, then it's time to cut your fabric. Cut it a little bigger on each side than your sheet metal.
4. Next start hotgluin'! I lay my fabric front side down and place my sheet metal center in the fabric. I start on one side of the sheet metal and put hot glue down on half of the length of that side and attach my fabric to it. Hot glue dries quicker on metal, so it may dry before you get the fabric down if you do the whole length. Wuith that side done, I go to the opposite side. I put some hot glue down in the middle, and attach my fabric stretching it as I do. The stretching helps keep the fabric flush to the front of the sheet metal, so you don't have wrinkles. Then work on one side of what you just glued down and do the same thing, stretch as you glue. Finsh the rest of the fabric this way until you have it all covered and attached well.
5. Put your fabric covered sheet metal in your picture frame, then the cardboard backing, and then push the staples down to keep it all it the frame.
6. Now, take your make up and the magnets. Put a magnet down on your work surface. Apply a small dot of hot glue to your makeup and press the glue on your makeup onto the magnet. Do the same for all your makeup. Then place on fabric covered sheet metal.
7. Hang and display in your desired area! Mine is going to go in the bathroom above the toilet, but it will have to wait until we get the bathroom painted. I'll post pictures when I get it all up!


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