Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fish Tacos!

Tilapia is good by itself.
Yes, that is a true statement.
What if you made them into tacos?
That is an AWESOME statement!

  Yup this is what we ate for lunch today. Yummy fish tacos. I've got to admit, it felt good to cook a meal for the hubs. I don't get to cook often because of the hours I work. It makes it extremely difficult. I'm going to try to do it more often, even if it means using my crockpot more! Tonight I plan to make stuffed peppers. For tomorrow's breakfast, I'm going to surprise the hubs and make Chocolate Banana Crepes and Frozen Hot Chocolate. It may be a chocolate overload!!  But hey, it's my free day tomorrow and I've worked hard all week! Then for Sunday's lunch we are going out with some friends for lunch at Ravanellis (YUM!) and haven't decided for dinner yet. We usually end up going out somewhere with other church members.

  So want to know how I made these? It's simple.
1. Cut up some lettuce into strips. (I used romaine I received from my coop, but you could buy the shreds)
2. Pan fry 1/2 can of mexicorn, 1/2 can mexican diced tomatoes (save the juice), and 1/2 can green chiles (2 oz). Cook together until warmed up. Set aside.
3. Put your tilapia fillets on to cook. The hubs says stainless steel cookware is the best to cook fish on. I said, "Buy me a big stainless steel pan!"
4. While the fish is cooking I whipped up a quick fish sauce. I did not measure any of this, so just add to taste. I mixed together some mayo, sour cream, some of that reserved tomato juice, some wasacaca sauce (um this is something my mother in law makes that has lots of garlic and cilantro...but I'm not sure what else lol), and jalapeno! I threw it all in my Ninja and blended it together.
5. Once fish is done, heat up your tortilla if desired in microwave, and layer together.
6. Eat and Enjoy!


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