Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I have some crafts rolling around in my head...actually, lots of them! It drives me nuts. I have sooooo many wonderful things I want to make and create and I just don't have the time. I've organized a craft day at my church once a month and it seems to be doing okay at feeding my addiction to crafts lol. Last Saturday we just brought projects that we wanted to work on that we had in stock pile. I've got to say, my friends are talented. :) One of the girls (actually this same girl was featured on here not too long ago for these great headbands she makes) made these really sweet looking bracelets and it was soooo simple to make. I'll have to get a photo for you the next time I see her. My sister was there and she makes BEAUTIFUL domino necklaces and earrings. I'll showcase those in the future for you too. If you are interested in buying domino jewelry you can leave a comment below with contact information and I'll pass your info. onto her. She also brought stuff to do Quilling? with! Quilling is a form of paper art that deals with curling the paper into shapes. Really cute and fun! She made a little ballon with a string attached! Me? I made an awesome makeup holder. I won't go into detail on it for now because I want to show you the pictures. I am making two more hopefully this weekend and I'll get it on the wall and take photos for you. I think you'll love it as much as I do. Oh and I also made some pinwheel hairclips for my lil bean. Maybe I should do a tutuorial? It would be a first...anyone interested in that?
  What crafts have you been working on lately?


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