Friday, March 18, 2011

Wanted: Product to Test/Review!

 Hi! I'm Melissa and I love reviewing products and letting other know about the pros and cons on an item. Are you a company or home business looking to get your product out there?
 I'm looking for anyone who has a product they want tested or reviewed. Products will be reviewed and then a blog of my own opinion of that item will be posted here on my blog! It is appreciated when a product is sent to me to be reviewed and a giveaway is offered for my readers as well. That is who I blog for readers. It is not required though, I love to do just reviews as well.  I love when companies contact me and want me to do a review of their products. Having a soon to be 6 month old, I love doing baby items to see what I like best for my lil bean and what I do not like and sharing that with other mommies or mommies to be.
  If you are a home based business or etsy/fb/etc owner and would like your store to be featured and a product reviewed, I'd be happy to do that as well for you!
  If you are a company looking for a product tester/reviewer you can contact me at
I'd be happy to do most any review, as long as they are family orientated. Thanks! Look forward to working with you!


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  1. Good luck! You should sign up with places like TPRP (The Product Review Place) or Tomoson.
    CJR @ The Mommy Blog