Friday, March 11, 2011

Thirty-One Items Anyone??

I'm having a Thirty-One party and it closes tonight! If you have been eyeing something, you can order it directly from my party link! Just make sure you choose Melissa Cardenas' party and not someone else, lol!
They have some really great items. Many that I like and would use and many that I think would make great gifts! Everyone is into personalization today!

The Guest Special this month? Buy $31 worth of items, get 50% off ANY purse! If you place your order online through the link, and you are wanting to get a purse of 50% off, make sure  you choose the one that has an H after the item code, so you get the 1/2 off! Easy enough right?

Here's my link: My Thirty One Party!
~Should say Hostess: Melissa Cardenas
~Click "Shop Now"



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