Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Slim Me Down Weekly Challenge!

  Emmi from Mommy's Free Time and Jennifer from Life with the LebedasI have teamed up to start a 'Slim Me Down' WEEKLY Challenge. I found out about this challenge over the weekend and wanted to partake. They are on week 3, which is perfect. You see on January 17th I started a 12 week competition at work called "Just Lose It" and I also started the Body for Life competition (12 weeks) on that day as well.  So now I have three events that I'm participating in...hopefully they will all help me get this weight off for good!
  Each week we'll be weighing in, talking about our successes, struggles and goals. We'll be posting new recipes to try, websites to check out and support each other through the journey. Make sure you check out their sites as well each week for inspiration!

   If your not comfortable sharing your weight, no problem! Just tell us your goal and +/- for the week. For example, my starting goal was to lose 70 lbs and my weekly weight is +/- #.

  Time to Weigh In! Since this is my first week, I'll state my starting weight and list my 2 previous weigh-ins. Then from here on out, I'll try and post my weigh-in on Mondays (when I actually weigh in at work).

My starting weight on January 17th was: 230 lbs.

Weigh In~Week 2 (Jan. 24th): 227 lbs [-3lbs]

Weigh In~Week 3 (Jan. 31st): 224 lbs [-3lbs]

Total Gain/Loss: -6 lbs!!
First Goal: -25lbs (205 lbs) by April 11th, 2011

  Last week I did pretty good, but I think I underate. I've been doing great fixing meals for breakfast according to Body for Life recipes. However, I never made it to the store and had no eggs. So I had different types of protein oatmeal for breakfast every day! My second meal is around 3 hours later and consists of an EAS protein shake. Lunch time is never predictable since I work at a hospital, but generally I can go 3-4 hours after drinking my shake. I try and pack my lunch according to some recipe from body for life, but again I didn't get to go grocery shopping so I did what I could and if I couldn't throw something together I would get a salad and grilled chicken breast from the cafeteria. My 4th meal is an EAS protein bar...3-4 hours after I eat lunch. Then I'm suppose to eat dinner, but I've been getting off late and not wanting to cook when I get home...so I end up not eating anything else. My plan to change this?? I need to make a weekly meal planner and then make sure I have everything on hand to make those items. I'm also going to have to start fixing my dinner and taking it with me.
  Water...I'm not a great water drinker. When I have a large water bottle I tend to do better. I've been contemplating buying one from Tupperware, but I don't need 3 of them and they only come in 3! So if anyone wants to split, let me know! My goal is to try and get my 8 glasses in a day.
  Did great on working out! M,W,and F are strength training days while T, T, and Sa are aerobic days. Sunday is a rest day from strict dieting and working out, so my hubby and I enjoy that day. While I didn't do great this past Sunday (it was my dad's birthday dinner), I generally try to still eat healthy.

Monday: lower body workout~hamstrings, quads, calves, and abs
Tuesday: 20 minutes TurboJam
Wednesday: upper body workout~chest, back, shoulders, triceps, biceps
Thursday: 20 minutes TurboJam
Friday: lower body workout~hamstrings, quads, calves, and abs
Saturday: 20 minutes TurboJam

How do you participate?

1. Each week, Emmi and Jennifer will have a linky where you can link up your post. Tell them your starting weight, last weeks weight, current weight +/-, and goal. Then we'd like to hear about your week - struggles and successes. You do not have to state your actual weight, if not then post you'd like to lose ?? pounds as your starting weight. Be as open and honest as you can! This isn't a place of judgement. We're all here with the same goal in mind, lose weight.

2. Link up your own blog post on their site. Please use a direct link to your post, not your blog.

Make sure you include the Slim Me Down button. Code is available on their blogs! Mine is on the right hand column....over there -->

3. Visit others that are linked up and offer support. If they lose weight, congratulate, if they gain encourage. Please NO negative comments. We're all here for support.

Please feel free to comment here with your weight loss! I love to hear stories of success and thrive on them!

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