Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Prizes from Giveaways!

I like hosting giveaways. Know why? Because I LOVE to win giveaways! When I win a giveaway I get very excited! I want you, my readers to have that same feeling! I wanted to post what I have received from some recent giveaways and give you some great stores/blogs to follow!

#1: I took part in a Craft It Forward over at my friend's blog, Perfectly Imperfect. During a craft it forward you post this Craft It Forward post and the first 5 (or how many you choose) comments that say that want to partake are in! So those 5 people get some type of craft from the Blogger who posted the Craft It Forward and those same 5 people have to post the same Craft It Forward on their blog and so on! So handmade love is seeping everywhere! Anywho...I got this from Ashley the other day! -->

Isn't it awesome!

#2: The second gift I won was actually through facebook. I got a $20 credit to use towards anything over at SewSowSooo. They have some really cute outfits for little girls and I am in love with this pillowcase dress I got from Chrissi! I can't wait til she can wear it!

#3: I received this from another giveaway and LOVE the smell. Candles By Nature sent me a pomegranate-sage candle! Visit her etsy store!

#4: I was so super excited when I discovered the Skoy Cloths. I could not believe that I actually won these over at Elizabeth's blog, My This'n'That Life. These Skoy Cloths are a paper towel & sponge substitute. Skoy states that just 1 of their Skoy cloths saves 15 rolls of paper towels! It is 100% biodegradable and natural. It is reusable and looks like a very flat sponge. All you have to do is wet the skoy cloth before use and squeeze out excess water for optimal absorption. Then when it is dirty...just toss it in the dishwasher and wash them with your dishes! A great way to keep your skoy cloth healthy and germ-free is to microwave it WET for 1-2 minutes! Easy Peasy!
What did you win??

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