Thursday, September 2, 2010

Oh BOY!! ...well....girl actually!

  Yesterday was meeting day. The first Wednesday of every month the surgeons, where I work, meet together and talk about whatever it is they talk about. For us nurses, that means no early surgeries and we all get bumped back. So instead of having to be at work at 11, I didn't have to be there until noon. I did some stuff at home and then headed out to find my robe to pack in the hospital bag for when lil G bean decides to join us! I was planning on getting something to eat prior to going in, but as usual ran out of time. I scarved down a bag of trail mix I had in my purse and headed into work.
  Normally, I bring my lunch with me, which means I head into the break room first and then go out to the floor. I didn't have a lunch with me so I just went to the floor. Now you must realize since I come in at 11 I don't have specific bays open for me (I work recovery so they are bays and we divide with curtains). When my coworker D is not there I use her spots. D was working yesterday, so I thought okay I'll go to bay 5 then, which is my second choice. This is part of my coworker G's spot as she uses bays 4 & 5, but she doesn't come in until 1:30. So I head over and notice there are pink and white streamers on the computer. I stop and think..."Well, where am I suppose to work today?? I can't work there they must be doing something for Gay." Then my boss, P asks me if I've gone into the break room and it all becomes clear. Those pink and white streamers were for me! They had decorated the bay I was working in and threw me a surprise baby shower!

  We all headed into the break room where everything was so nicely decorated! Just look at the care and thought they put into it! The food was delicious too and I love these cupcakes that D made! Sorry I didn't take a closeup, but trust me they were yummy!

I was truly surprised. Everyone chipped in and got me the swing I requested on my registry along with some other goodies. Take a look! Have I told you guys how great my coworkers are??? And I only started in June!

Thank you to all my wonderful coworkers for the special day!

On top of that, when I got home I had received this huge box of clothes from my cousin and his wife! It filled my whole basket and overflowed!

And here is the flooring I found at Marshalls for the baby room! Sweet, huh???
Pretty awesome day!

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