Friday, August 6, 2010

Soothetime Snooze Sack Giveaway!!

 I absolutely LOVE these products. My favorite is the Snooze Wrap Plus. I discovered these wraps when my oldest sister was pregnant with her baby girl, A a little over 2 years ago. Of course, I found it at a yard sale! At first I didn't know what it was, but after looking it over and messing around with it, I was so excited about it! Babies need to be snug as a bug and this was perfect for it. If I don't get these as shower gifts, I'll definitely be buying my own!
 Sarah over at the Crazy House did a review on the Soothetime line and is having a giveaway at her blog. Check out her blog and enter to win a sleepsack! To be entered you only have to visit the SootheTime site and comment with your favorite product. Easy peesy! Sarah also has 9 extra ways you can enter the giveaway! Two of them are daily entries also! So head over to the Crazy House and enter to win...or enter to win for me! :)


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