Thursday, August 26, 2010

4Moms - MamaRoo!

  The hubs and I registered early for all our our necessities/wants for our lil bean to come. The one item I was absolutely set on getting for our lil bean was the Fisher Price 4 way Cradle Swing N Glider.

 This was the swing to get, because it was more than a swing. It was also a glider and I loved that it did more than just swing back and forth like typical swings! This thing swings forward and backwards, as well as from side to side, but it also glides! Place the stand down and instead of that swinging motion, your baby glides back and forth or from side to side. 4 movements in one swing??? I'll take it!

 Then I discovered something even better...the MamaRoo! A fellow blogger I've pretty much been stalking- Sarah at The Lewish Crazy House, posted this awesome Review and giveaway for the 4moms MamaRoo, the seat that "moves like mom's do." The MamaRoo has 5 unique movements:
*Car Ride- A figure eight on its side
*Kangaroo- Lots of up-and-down, less side-to-side
*Tree Swing- High on the sides, low in the middle
*Rock-A-Bye- Low on the sides, high in the middle
*Ocean Wave- Around in a big circle
  It also has 5 different speeds for your lil bean! Some babies like to be moved slowly, while others like it crazy! Some people may think the mobile toys are boring, but I'm loving them. The creators of this seat really put some sense into this product. These little balls pop in and out so baby can actually play with them! My favorite part?? One side is black and white (that's all newborns can see at first!), the other sides are colored so when baby gets older they can explore the different colors!

  One last sweet benefit of this seat? -Yes...there is more! So you don't like the music the seat plays huh? Well, that is not an issue with the MamaRoo! You can hook up any MP3 player to the seat and it plays your selected tunes! Pretty cool huh? Yeah...anyone reading this that knows would be an awesome gift! :)

  4moms also has a cleanwater tub and they are finishing the creation of the Origami Stroller. Click the link to read about this awesome stroller!

  Want to win your own MamaRoo? Visit Sarah over at The Lewis Crazy House and enter to win! She is hosting this awesome giveaway. Read her review as well as she was actually sent the Mamaroo to test out with her own lil guy! (so jealous! lol) To enter her giveaway you smiply have to follow this step: Visit 4moms online and leave a comment on your favorite color mamaRoo!!! On top of that Sarah has 13 extra ways you can enter! 2 of which you can do daily! Good luck on winning one of these MamaRoos!


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